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Tips for Artists

In the Tips for Artists you will also learn:

  • How to get over Artist's Block (artists you won’t want to miss this one).
  • A simple yet effective method you can do right now to discover how to make colors that pop.
  • Common household products that aide in keeping your acrylic palette wet (you’ll want to start using them immediately).
  • A simple way that will easily and enjoyably help you make your colors pop (you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to creating an exciting colorful painting).
  • The #1 way to tone down your color palette to make a subdued, more peaceful color palette.

I’m thrilled that I get to share this inside information and provide you with one more way to experience creating the best art ever.

Wishing you the best art ever!

Deanna Yildiz (Knauth)

How to get over Artist's Block

How to keep Acrylic Paint from drying
on your palette before you use it

Three Cool Color Tips

    The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.

Vincent Van Gogh

Self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

Tips for Artists

How to get over Artist's Block

Tackling the White Canvas

First, you must believe that you can do no wrong in order to find that creative center. Look at the canvas and be fearless and attack it!

    Don't let the idea that you must be perfect, immobilize you into doing nothing. Remember nobody is perfect - so forgive yourself in advance and just get started. You'll never improve if you don't act. Start allowing the artist inside you to come out. Be unafraid and unashamed. Maybe even purposefully "making mistakes" or "making it look awful" in the beginning will help you to overcome that dreadful canvas. The real mistake is not getting started.

    Be brave and make a mess and enjoy it! You can always finetune it later. Once you get started you may even realize that you can "finetune" forever. So perfection is elusive. It is a great goal to have but only if you pursue it with action.

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How to keep Acrylic Paint from drying on the palette before you use it

How to get over the Acrylic Hurdle

Have you been having a problem using Acrylic paint because it dries up almost as fast as you lay it down?

    The solution is really quite simple really. Some people invest in what's known as a "wet" palette - the palette holds moisture keeping your acrylic paint always on a smooth wet surface. Problem solved!

I've also covered a more traditional palette with saran wrap and stick it in the fridge or freezer for keeping wet for even longer periods of time, if you don't plan to paint again for quite a while.

Well, that's how some do it! But personally, I have a little palette tray I use - just plain plastic. It's small and comes with a lid. I keep the cover closed when not in use and when I need to keep it open (cause I'm actually painting).

    I always keep a spray bottle of water handy. A few squirts every 10-15 minutes or so and you never have to worry about dried, wasted paint again. Well, maybe not never. But for me, this puts the new, non-antiquated styled of polymer-based paint almost on a level playing with oil paint. A few nice mediums mixed in if you have a mind for it and I think you'll be pretty well pleased with the results you'll now be able to get with acrylic paints and simple layering. Plus it dries really quick when you have that need. I've become spoiled by it.

    In this on the go world we live in, I don't want to worry about smearing my "masterpiece" so that quick dry effect is now one of acrylics allures which finally plays its way into my hands for once.

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Three Cool Color Tips

Colors that Pop

Use Contrasting colors or colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel to make colors that pop or vibrate with life/energy.

For example, yellow against purple will vibrate quite nicely when placed next to each other. This is one of my favorite color combinations.

Tone it down

Use a little of the opposite color on the color wheel to tone down your color. For example....if you want a yellow that is more dull and not so vibrant..add a little bit of purple to tone it down.

Mix a Gray

If you mix equal parts of opposite colors, you will make a gray color.

These are just some of the ways in which you can start making shades from the primary colors!

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Send in your art tips and start sharing.

Keep coming back for more tips - coming soon!

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