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Title: Midnight Dancer - first of series

16" x 20" High Quality Gicleé Print on Canvas, Limited Edition, series of 300

Midnight Dancer

Height:   20"
Width:    16"
Artist:     Deanna Knauh
Type:      Limited Edition of 300 High Quality Giclee Prints
Medium: Canvas
Original: Sold to a Private Collector
Available: Limited Edition Hi-Quality Prints

All Prints are Signed and
Numbered by the Artist

Item: $300
Sales tax: $26.63
Shipping: $15.00
Total: US $341.63

The Midnight Dancer
One of the most compelling, inspiring images that will appeal to little girls, dancers, and those who wish to live in harmony with the universe and their bodies. The Midnight Dancer holds her arms above her head in a circle formation which is the symbol of unity. This image can transport you to a simpler time or it can help you find relaxation and peace within yourself with its soothing blue colors and the star-dotted sky above.

Description of The Subject
The Midnight Dancer stands with her arms above her head in a circle, with one arm raised. There is one tree below her raised leg and she stands on a hill. A yellow crescent moon is in the upper left hand corner with a night sky dotted with stars.

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Limited Edition, Hi-Quality Gicleé Print on Canvas

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